Friday, September 25, 2009

Edible Bowl Maker Pan

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I love the edible bowl maker pan! I just can't believe that I have had this pan for a long time now and I still haven't used it. Okay, well I've used it but they didn't turn out. I attempted to make brownies in it, but my eggless brownie recipe still needs work. I think I'll have to try something other than brownies in this. Or else just use my tried and true brownies with pumpkin. I'm thinking that corn bread with chili or pancakes and fruit sound like delicious starts to break in the pan. Yum...

By the way if anyone knows of a brownie recipe that works in high altitude and doesn't turn into a soupy mess please let me know!!

This weekend I am going to have to try and post a working recipe for a yummy edible bowl. I know the kids would love it if I do.

Ta-ta for now!


catalinakolker said...

why not try with bread dough ?
i would also try with my dough for corn-dogs. you can find the recipe on my blog.
love the pan !

Peabody said...

I need one of those!

Melody said...

I've never seen one of those pans. Be sure to post when you make something with it!