Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frosting Clowns

For our 3rd cake decorating class one of the things we had to do was make frosting clowns. I've never seen these before but it was a cute idea! :)

My friend Julie made this purple clown.

Her daughter Lyndsey made a pink clown.

I thought she did a pretty good job!!

This cute plate of cupcakes was made by my mother in law Tina.

And here you go. This is my boring white clown. I'll admit it. I was too lazy to get out another bag and split colors!

That didn't stop Collin from trying to lick it though!

Or the hubby either as he tried to eat it up in one big bite!!
I have been having so much fun learning new techniques and the intricacies of the sugar arts. I think after the beginning course is done we'll have to move onto more advanced courses. Can't wait to try and make fondant flowers in lessons to come!

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Melody said...

Those are absolutely adorable. You did a great job!